We are a consulting company specialized in Human Resources that stands for people´s performance, seeking to foster digital and interpersonal maturity in Organizations.


We offer several integrated solutions for attracting, evaluating, selecting, integrating, retaining and developing Human Talent in companies.

We help Organizations recruit the right people as quick and effectively as possible, develop the potential of employees, and build leadership suited to business needs.

MINDSHIFT provides intelligent psychometric and digital tools plus coaching services for executives and teams.


  • Tailor-made service centered on the client’s needs
  • Portfolio with more than 60 evaluation tools
  • cut-e robust psychometrics that is scientifically supported
  • The Key Talent adaptive digital services
  • Over 45 years of accumulated experience and reputation

In a changing world, with society crossing the frontier of 4.0, new work skills are required, being mandatory to ensure the diversity and inclusion of Human Talent to take advantage of the potential of each collaborator.

As such, we believe that the procedures to attract employees, the methods of assessing competencies and the components concerning the development of the staff of a company can’t be the same as those used until recently.

The digital has entered irreversibly in the companies and in daily life, the reason why there is a paradigm shift in the way we think and communicate. Neurologically new synapses are activated, witnessing not a clash of generations, but an imminent clash of mentalities!

It is necessary to keep track of this change under penalty of extinction as happened to dinosaurs and irrigate the potential within self-knowledge, resources, and dreams inherent to all human beings.

MINDSHIFT aims to fully address this assumption.
Because a changing and inclusive planet requires a new way of seeing and being in the world.

Ana Loya

CEO e Executive Coach

The optimized performance itinerary

1. Talent attraction

Employer Branding to make the company known to the potential candidate

Targeted and customized digital campaigns

2. People assessment

Assessment Centers
Evaluation through psychometric tools with remarkable predictive validity and user-friendly digital services

Recruitment and Selection 
Final profile screening of the ideal candidate

Development Centers
Skills and career development of employees

3. Engagement of professionals

Effective recruitment and admission in the Organization

Executive Coaching to invest, retain and engage the best human capital