People Evaluation

Apps, chatbots, dashboards, online psychometric tools, gamification, digital in-trays, and video interviews to serve people and the best business results.


Psychometric tools for accurate choices and effective outcomes

MINDSHIFT partners with cut-e, the worldwide leader in online assessment.

Together, we offer more than 60 psychometric tools, including questionnaires, tests, and simulators that allow a rigorous and objective measurement of the psychological and behavioral characteristics of potential and current employers.

Through psychometric tools, the evaluation process becomes simpler and the analysis of the professional profile is streamlined, allowing fair and efficient recruitment decisions.

The instruments of psychometric evaluation that we available are:

  • Accessible in the web and mobile environment
  • Adaptive
  • Brief
  • Easily validated
  • Available in over 40 languages
  • Adapted to corporate image

Our portfolio is enriched by gamified-based assessment, video interviews, realistic job previews, and situational judgment tests.


People management at your fingertips

Through its partnership with The Key Talent, MINDSHIFT presents a new digital ecosystem made of innovative solutions for the acquisition and development of Human Talent.


Business cases, augmented reality, among others.

Digital platforms

Dashboards to receive applications and data center to collect, process and analyze data obtained throughout the evaluation process.

Our digital platforms allow:

  • Access to information in real-time
  • Access to multiple users
  • Centralized or departmental management
  • Creation of a Talent Pool
  • Global and individual metrics
  • Profile summary
  • Monitoring the different stages of the process

Bullet proof Humanity

The digital process doesn’t exclude the human intervention of the consultant, rather it allows the simplification and agility of the whole process.

With us, it is possible to benefit from consulting services, training, accompany of situational tests, development of interviews and reports.