Civic Monitoring

Civic Monitoring for the future of Europe

Civic monitoring is a form of active citizenship in which groups of people or individual citizens share methods and tools to verify how public money is spent and policies undertake.

Civic Monitoring project fosters European citizenship and the conditions for democratic participation at EU level by developing citizens’ understanding of the EU policy making process and promoting opportunities for societal engagement.

The project focuses on environmental policies, through which participants will understand how civil society can come out with proposals to public institutions, push for the approval of green practices and monitor their implementation.

Target Audience
  • European citizens
  • Members of public institutions
  • Initial European training session for facilitators on the methodology of Civic Monitoring
  • Promotion of Civic Monitoring sessions in the partner countries to engage citizens on research and monitoring of local environmental initiatives
  • Development of Civic Monitoring reports, videos and articles
  • Final European conference in Lisbon for the presentation of project results and best practices
  • Mindshift Talent Advisory – Portugal
  • DEMOSTENE Centro Studi – Italy (coordinator)
  • InnoPolis Centre for Innovation and Culture – Greece
  • Carpe Diem udruga za poticanje i razvoj kreativnih i socijalnihLorem ipsum – Croatia
  • Solution: Solidarité & Inclusion – France
  • Fundacja Autokreacja – Poland

01.04.2021 – 30.09.2022


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