Digital entrepreneurship skills for modern VET teachers, trainers and end users

Digitalisation is progressively creating new opportunities for entrepreneurs, especially for the generation of digital natives (Gen Z) which are characterised by their heavy use of technologies and social media, a multitasking and community orientation and an entrepreneurial spirit. However, some challenges persist while keeping up with the pace of technological disruptions.

The Digipreneur project aims to boost the digital entrepreneurship capacity in African and European countries. Its goal is to empower VET teachers so that they can support Gen Z learners in becoming digital entrepreneurs while developing their transversal competences and employability.


Target Audience
  • Gen Z learners
  • Teachers and mentors working with Gen-Z
  • Creation of modules on eCommerce and Principles of outstanding digital entrepreneurship, and production of videos with role models on digital entrepreneurship
  • Design of a digital entrepreneurship course for the development of VET teachers’ personal and professional competences, with training activities in Nigeria and South Africa
  • Implementation of Local Digital Entrepreneurship Labs with Gen Z learners
  • Establishment of three online EU-Africa experience sharing marathons
  • Set up of a Digital Entrepreneurship Hub hosting all the training resources developed under the project
  • Mindshift Talent Advisory (Portugal)
  • IFESCOOP – Coordinator (Spain)
  • Eurofortis (Latvia)
  • Social Youth Development (Greece)
  • Deloris Mundo (Nigeria)
  • The Women’s Technology Empowerment Centre (Nigeria)
  • Ready for Life (South Africa)
  • Volunteer Action for Change (Kenya)

01.03.2023 – 31.12.2024


ERASMUS+, Capacity building in the field of Vocational Education and Training

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