Inclusion of vulnerable groups in rural areas by environmental awareness and social entrepreneurship through mycology

Fungi are an important species in Europe, playing an essential ecological role in forest ecosystems. Most forest mushrooms are marketable as medicinal or edible products, presenting themselves as a source of income for people in rural areas.

The aim of the FUNGIPRENEURS project is to support the social inclusion of vulnerable groups in rural areas through environmental awareness about the importance of fungi for the ecosystems and the marketable value of mycological resources, promoting green skills development, behaviour change, and responsible and sustainable social entrepreneurship.

Target Audience
  • People at risk of poverty or social exclusion in rural areas
  • Adult educators
  • Organisations supporting social inclusion
  • Development of a Training curriculum on social inclusion by environmental awareness and social entrepreneurship through mycology
  • Creation of an E-learning platform for the delivery of an online course and tools for adult educators based on the projects’ training curriculum
  • Development and testing of a gamified digital Training path and Toolkit to promote behaviour change in the topics of the project
  • Mindshift Talent Advisory (Portugal)
  • ECM INGENIERIA AMBIENTAL – Coordinator (Spain)
  • DISRUPTIA (Spain)
  • Meta4 Innavations (Austria)
  • CSI – Center for Social Innovation (Cyprus)
  • INQS – InnoQuality Systems (Ireland)

01.09.2022 – 28.02.2025


ERASMUS+, Strategic partnership for development of innovation