Boosting Silver Economy through local community mentoring

In the European Union, the employment rate for older workers is below average. After the age of 50, there is a higher chance of long-term unemployment, and many older employees have trouble in pursuing their career and find a job age appropriate. Senior entrepreneurship and the Silver Economy are considered as key opportunities to increase older people’s social inclusion, minimise old-age unemployment, and extend their working lives.

LOCAL: Boosting the Silver Economy through Local Community Mentoring is a project that creates a programme in the fields of the Silver Economy and Community Mentoring that seeks to enhance the competences of adult education staff in assisting 50+ adults to discover the potential of the Silver Economy as a drive for their future.



Target Audience
  • Adults 50+
  • Senior mentors
  • Senior entrepreneurs
  • Creation of a digital hub for community mentoring with 50+ adults to serve as inspirational role models by their mentoring and entrepreneurship skills.
  • Development of a blended in-service mentoring training programme to empower professionals working in adult education in supporting adults 50+ to develop entrepreneurial skills.
  • Promotion of bespoke thematic mentoring cycles addressed at engaging 50+ adults about silver economy, digital and entrepreneurship topics.
  • Mindshift Talent Advisory – Portugal
  • Amato Lusitano – Associação de Desenvolvimento – Portugal (coordinator)
  • Centre for Social Innovation – Cyprus
  • The Rural Hub – Ireland
  • Instituto para el Fomento del Desarrollo y la Formación – Spain
  • European Platform for International Cohesion – Italy
  • Agency for Economic Development Kostinbrod – Bulgaria
  • Asociatia de Dezvoltare Economico-Sociala – Romania
  • Intercity Project Development – Netherlands

01.01.2022 – 31.12.2023


ERASMUS+, Strategic partnership for development of innovation