Media literacy and Critical VIEWing as effective outreach to learning throughout life by people with fewer opportunities

Media has never been as important as it is in today’s information society and media literacy is considered by many as one of the top skills of the 21st century. It is thus crucial to support low-skilled adults reaching an appropriate level of media literacy to avoid digital exclusion and disinformation.

The MC-VIEW project has as its strategic focus to foster adult education on media literacy through the development of a set of skills on media, information, and digital competences, as well as capacitate adult educators.

Target Audience
  • Low-skilled adults
  • Adult educators
  • Associated partners and stakeholders
  • Production of training course materials on media communication literacy, critical viewing, and digital awareness for adults and their educators
  • Creation of an artificial intelligence-based digital platform that will provide an individual and personalised learning path for each adult learner and act as a teaching tool for adult educators’ classes
  • Organisation of local pilots with adult learners and educators, so they can appropriate the online resources
  • Engagement of associated partners and stakeholders through dissemination and scouting actions to deploy MC-VIEW, including the organisation of final event
  • Mindshift Talent Advisory – Portugal
  • Uniwersytet Rzeszowski – Poland (coordinator)
  • Stowarzyszenie Centrum Wspierania Edukacji i Przedsiebiorczosci – Poland
  • LABC – Italy
  • Instalofi Levante – FyG Consultores – Spain
  • Heraklion Municipality – Greece

01.12.2021 – 31.11.2023


ERASMUS+, Strategic partnership for development of innovation