CyberSecurity for VET and SMEs

In recent years, the world has turned into a global village where individuals are digitally connected. Although interconnectedness brings many opportunities, it also comes with many challenges such as cyber-criminality for people, businesses, and governments. Consequently, cybersecurity has been an issue of increasing concern.

The SecureFuture project aims to raise awareness and provide vocational education and training (VET) based content on cybersecurity to VET students in information technology (IT) branches and to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) employees in IT related departments. The goals are to increase their level of cybersecurity qualification, protect people and companies against cyber-threats and contribute to institutionalise updated cybersecurity training in Europe.

Target Audience
  • VET students, teachers, and trainers from IT branches
  • SMEs’ employees in IT departments
  • Professionals and undergraduates at Universities related to information security branches
  • Development of a Framework through Comparison of Current National Competencies on Cyber Security after an in-depth analysis and benchmarking of the current trainings on cybersecurity in Europe and Turkey, expressing all the pre-requirements of a needed curriculum
  • Production of a European Cyber Security Curriculum for the IT branches of VET centres and for IT staff of SMEs based on learning outcomes
  • Creation of the Secure Future Training Content with 10-modules providing basic information on cybersecurity, to be used by VET trainers and for self-study of IT staff
  • Elaboration of a Guide for integrating Secure Future in VET and SMEs
  • Mindshift Talent Advisory (Portugal)
  • Istanbul Ticaret University – Coordenador/Coordinator (Turquia/Turkey)
  • GOI – Governorship of Istanbul (Turquia/Turkey)
  • Media Creativa 2020 (Espanha/Spain)
  • Pragma Engineering (Itália/Italy)
  • Meta4 Innovations (Áustria/Austria)

31.12.2022 – 30.12.2024


ERASMUS+, Strategic partnership for development of innovation