Performing Arts Entrepreneurs

Performing artists are talented people who often end up working in different fields away from their chosen career path and only a few see themselves as entrepreneurs.

STARDUST partners identified a lack of entrepreneurship Vocational Education and Training (VET) for performing artists and consequently they are generating an entrepreneurship training curriculum tailored to performing artists in three specific areas – music, dancing and acting –, in order to enhance the access to training to artists who seek to expand their work opportunities in their artistic sector.

Target Audience
  • VET professionals
  • Performing artists in acting, music and dancing
  • Creation of a performing artists entrepreneurship curriculum with 20 training modules
  • Development of an in-service training programme for VET professionals interested in supporting the entrepreneurship development of performing artists
  • Collection of entrepreneurship stories of successful performing artists
  • Creation of a massive open online course (MOOC) with access to all STARDUST training resources
  • Mindshift Talent Advisory – Portugal
  • Iniciativas de Futuro para una Europa Social Coop V – Spain (coordinator)
  • Hauptstadftallee 239 V V UG (Skills Elevation FHB) – Germany
  • Future In Perspective Limited – Ireland
  • Speha Fresia SC – Italy
  • Udrujenije Gragdana Dah Teatar – Centar za pozorishna istrajivanja – Serbia
  • Aliance Lektoru a Konzultantu – Czech Republic

01.09.2020 – 31.08.2022


ERASMUS+, Strategic partnership for development of innovation