Diversity Management in SMEs

Significant demographic changes are taking place in the labour market in Europe. Organisations need to be more open and inclusive to attract and retain a more diverse workforce.

The Think Global, Act Local project uses the power of storytelling to inspire employers and employees to change by equipping them with the competences and tools necessary to build inclusive and diverse workplaces. This way, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and other organisations can exploit the talent and diversity of all workers, overcoming labour market barriers faced by certain groups due to ineffective human resource management policies and practices.

Target Audience
  • VET professionals
  • SMEs owners, managers, trainers and human resources staff
  • Employees
  • Local authorities and business associations
  • Development of a Competence Framework and of a Continuous Professional Development programme for VET professionals to update their competences on diversity in the workplace.
  • Creation of a Toolkit for professionals addressing diversity management related topics.
  • Implementation of an online platform providing all training materials developed under the project as open educational resources.
  • Animation of in-company training workshops using the online platform training materials.
  • Draft of a Policy and Practice Recommendations Report on diversity in the workplace.
  • Mindshift Talent Advisory – Portugal
  • Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Association – Bulgaria (coordinator)
  • Neophytos ch Charalambous – Cyprus
  • Exeo Lab – Italy
  • Future in Perspective – Ireland
  • Motion Digital – Czech Republic
  • Gospodarska Zbornica Slovennije – Slovenia
  • Storybag – The Netherlands

01.09.2022 – 31.08.2024


ERASMUS+, Strategic partnership for development of innovation