Talent Attraction

Times change and so do the processes.
Employer Branding and Digital Marketing campaigns that speak the language of the best Human Talent.


Employer branding

We help companies to have a voice on the market, enhancing their visibility to inspire and attract the Human Talent they need.

We go where the talent is and we establish privileged relations with several partners and Universities, namely with their employment departments, teachers and communities of students.

We help you turn passive candidates into active candidates


in Transition

Receptive and prepared to change. They value a good proposal.



Actively seeking work. They may or may not be unemployed.



Qualified employed talent that is not seeking a new opportunity.


Attracting Human Talent. Campaigns straight to the core

Attracting the best Human Talent in the market requires communication that is sensitive to the language of the Y and Z generations.
Proactivity and proximity, through segmentation and investment in social networks, is key to all process.

MINDSHIFT, in association with The Key Talent, offers 100% customized and segmented digital marketing recruitment campaigns that result in candidate samples with significantly high conversion rates.

What you get:

  • Ad hoc campaigns
  • Creative designs that boost the brand image
  • Information about the company and its internal procedures
  • Management of candidate expectations
  • Analytics reports and effectiveness in real-time
  • Segmentation according to the talent profile required